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who we are

Explora Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2009. Over the years, it has continuously strived to establish connections and pushed new boundaries, locally as well as regionally.

Explora is known within the industry for its unique approach in Outdoor Education, Experiential Learning, Adventure Therapy, Personal Development, Team and Leadership Development.

Explora Pte Ltd works very closely with Explora Asia Sdn Bhd, its counterpart in Malaysia, in various projects. Headway has also been made regionally in Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong and Nepal.



Personally, the training provider has delivered their program as expected and the event conducted make us know better about ourselves as well as our family and friends. The program is simple yet easy to practice in our daily life except for the outdoor activities.


One of the important observation, when we were required to list top 3 strengths. I observed the top behaviours listed really reflected Honda Philosophy characteristic which in turn reflect Honda DNA flow in your mind.


Congratulations !!!

Roslan Abdullah

President & COO

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Compiled eval summary infographic (1).pn

Explora has maintained a high and steady evaluation score from participants across a span of 5 years.

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