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All courses are from 1000hrs to 1600hrs

*Please report at least 15mins earlier.


Is there a minimum height requirement for any of the activities?


Are family allowed to stay and hang around the compound? We would like to watch the programme for a little while and take photos!

Will lunch be provided?


What is the reporting time/ location/ attire?

There is no minimum height requirement for the Junior Exploras! As long as they are within the age group 8 - 14, they are good to go!

Yes, of course! Do keep in mind that SDM protocols still apply.

No, lunch will not be provided. However, there will be a one hour lunch break given. Junior Exploras can bring their own lunch/ snacks, or go out for lunch with family.

All courses will start at 100hrs. Please report at least 15min earlier.

Location of courses may be different from each other. Upon confirmation of programme slot, we will also provide you with further information of reporting location, attire and things to bring.

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