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Facilitating Experiential Learning Certification Course

Train The Trainers' on Challenge Ropes Course Low Elements

This Facilitating Experiential Learning is an instructor certification course will encompasses outdoor leaders to practice safe working knowledge and ability to manage risk using the facilities. The course includes reviewing of the operating manual so as it will become comprehensive and updated.


Explora Pte Ltd will developed and design, coordinate and deliver a programme that features:

• Adventure & challenge in many dimensions and environments

• Variety of effective training methodologies

• Dynamism

• Managed risk

• Ownership of outcomes

• Opportunities for reflection & learning


By the end of the two days of training, the participants will be assessed in practical knowledge, execution of low ropes management and delivery of safety briefing and facilitating a debrief. They will also be given a written theory test to ensure knowledge in protocols, procedures and theories of adult learning.


Through these, we will want to ensure that the instructors conducting the Experiential Learning Low Ropes Courses have:-

• Inculcating knowledge in adventure & challenge in many dimensions and environments within the training vicinity.

• Demonstrate variety of effective training methodologies.

• Dynamism in trainees' engagement and creating understanding in outdoor and experiential learning.

• Ability to Identify risk and manage risk as part of Dynamic Risk Management.

• Ownership of coaching and learning outcomes.

• Opportunities for reflection & learning as a trainer.

One 2-Day Training course that requiring at least a total of 16 hours of practical and class-based training. Due to the number of modules and practical that is required for the candidates to be trained in, the course seeks the participants to be ready for training by 0900hrs and will end by 1830hrs. Lunch will be one-hour, from 1300hrs-1400hrs. It is important that the candidates have a good breakfast before commencing, energy-needed training.

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ELC 1.jpeg

Sample Assessment Criteria

ELC 4.jpeg
ELC 3.jpeg
ELC 5.jpeg

2-Day ELC Instructor Certification

S$720 per pax 

Minimum 8 pax, maximum 16 pax


Fee includes:


  • End-to-end course coordination by designated Explora staff

  • Programme delivery by 2 senior practitioners in the Outdoor Education High Ropes Course industry.

  • Explora shall bring additional training & safety equipment as required by proposed programme.

Candidates shall receive:


  • Operations Manual

  • Explora’s Instructors Training Workbook specifically on Experiential Learning Low Ropes Elements.

  • Certificate of Proficiency as an ELC Instructor for successful candidates, site specific to the venue.

  • Post-course evaluation and facilitator’s report

Complimentary Explora Headscarf for every participant.

For enquiries & consultation:

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