Gunung Ledang

Just three hours’ drive from Singapore along Malaysia’s North-South Highway is Johor’s natural treasure, Gunung Ledang (or Mt Ophir as it is more popularly known).  For decades, intrepid trekkers from far and wide have tackled the trail up to the summit and reveled in its cool waterfalls and rockpools.

However, the mountain offers more than just a summit to be climbed. Gunung Ledang Resort is situated at the foot of the majestic Puteri Falls. The flowing cascades and immense boulders provide a wonderful and exciting opportunity to experience river scrambling. Also, the falls provide a breathtaking backdrop for waterfall abseiling where participants can get a chance to ‘dunk’ themselves under the ‘rooster tail’ of the main falls.

Adventurous client groups frequently choose to take on the trek up Gunung Ledang to Kolam Gajah, a moderately challenging 2.5-hour walk from the Taman Negara Johor HQ at the base of Gunung Ledang. Upon arrival, participants can refresh themselves in the clear rockpools teeming with fish. As a bonus, the fish offer a ‘spa service’ for those who leave their legs dangling in the water.

Of course, these activities are but a way for us to impart values like teamwork, care and compassion, leadership, confidence and mutual support.

When was the last time you went outside? We mean, really outside?

 Ask us about our 3D2N or 2D1N trekking packages or teambuilding and personal development programmes at Gunung Ledang! Also, you can download some general information about Gunung Ledang.

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