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High Effect Leadership & Management

From management to leadership, the demands placed on today’s leaders of teams are intense. No matter how exemplary their technical skills, there is always the constant expectation to perform better. Even in the comparatively early stages of an executive career, pressure exists not just to manage but also to lead.

Explora has developed, reviewed and conducted the High Effect Leadership & Management (HELM) Programme since 2018, primarily for uniformed groups such as divisions from the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Prisons Services. 

Given the right opportunities and equipped with relevant processes, HELM prepares the officers to meet their organisation’s leadership challenges. 


How You May Benefit

Create an effective network and tap on the officer's strength for him/her to lead: Understand how organisations work and how to develop and use your Leadership Dimension style to achieve your objectives.


Develop High-Yield ‘Teams’: Learn how to create and maintain a high-talent, high-energy and high-performance ‘Team’.


Improve Commanding Leadership Skills: Enhance your ability to obtain results through others by enhancing self-awareness, motivating your team and influencing your organisation.




During the 36hr specially designed programme, the teams explore both ‘macro’ and 'micro' issues – from organisational structures, crew formation, motivation and dynamics, to managing performance and using feedback in order to enhance personal as well as professional growth.

The macro and micro components of the programme are linked to the mission-based activities which gives ample opportunities for influential leadership, a concept co-developed with the Dimension of Leadership Profiling tool. This equip the uniformed officers on skills in design thinking, effective internal team processes and external networks to achieve the team’s objectives.

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